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  • Kid+Kind Yearbook Collection

    Kid+Kind Yearbook Collection
    Established in the US in 2014, Kid + Kind is a brand that looks to bring us fun, excitement and creativity through beautifully made clothing. 
    The brand's choice of design and materials means that each piece can flow seamlessly from season to season, meaning that you get to love each item that little bit longer. 
    The most recent collection, 'Yearbook', takes us back to our time in school, with grammar lessons, geometry, teacher's pets, music, elbow patches and embroidery. 
    This is Kid+Kind's first season at Bunny Hop and we look forward to welcoming it in with open arms. 
    Kid + Kind is open to PRE-ORDER at 9PM on October 5th, due to despatch the week of October 9th.
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  • Sleepy Doe Collection THREE is Finally Here

    Sleepy Doe Collection THREE is Finally Here

    I have loved Sleepy Doe since the very moment I saw it. My obsession has been strong and growing. This September we are finally treated to Collection THREE, designed, as always, by the incredibly talented Sophie Woodrow. 

    The new collection sees a collaboration with Kathryn Zaremba- an ethical wallpaper and textile designer and the hand behind the Swansy print. It features a pair of intertwined swans- the birds who mate for life with just the one cherished partner.

    Swansy is available in clean and soothing White, and in a dark and moody autumnal Noir. The collection includes everyone- baby, kid and grown up, with the softest, lovelies sleepwear, loungewear and bedding.

    Yet again, Sleepy Doe has knocked it out of the park and has ticked all our boxes. Soft, wearable, made locally and sustainably, with a fresh design but while also maintaining the distinct Sleepy Doe feel about the collection.

    I always practice what I preach, and I write this in my very own brand new Swansy jammies, while my two smalls sleep snugly upstairs in their matching white sets. If you'd ever been undecided on whether to try Sleepy Doe out, now is unquestionably your collection. But are you White, or are you Noir?

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  • Pass-Me-Downs not Hand-Me-Downs

    Pass-Me-Downs not Hand-Me-Downs

    Having started my business two years ago, the aim was to stock products and brands that were a bit different to the fast, disposable fashion that I (and my friends) have got so used to. Things that were more 'quality' than 'quantity' and that weren't gender stereotyped up to their eyeballs with brown tractors and lilac butterflies. 

    A year and a half later, my little concept has finally come to fruition in my own home. Today child #2 has finally received his very first 'hand-me-down' from his sister. And contrary to what the term 'hand-me-down' is supposed to make us feel, I sensed nothing but complete and utter joy. Here it is, an old Gray Label button up hoodie in Blush. It has been through nursery, messy spaghetti lunches, mud, sand, paint, glue, glitter, scuffs, falls, countless washing machine cycles, stain removers, lived scrunched up in a toy basket, worn and washed again and then a few more pizza dinners. And despite all that, it is here, and all I can say is that it just looks comfortably worn and carefully loved. 

    Because this is just the thing about pieces that are designed with care and passion and made from good quality, sustainable materials- they simply last and last. There is such a huge sense of satisfaction in lending something to a friend that your little one isn't using any more and that you know you will receive back in due time and it will be just as it was the last time you saw it. An item that has been designed, created and bought and that has seen not one, but two, or maybe even three or four kiddies joyfully through their little months and years. Investing, enjoying, swapping and sharing is slowly making our lives and our environment more sustainable. That in combination with the rise and rise of organic fashion means that our world is taking little baby steps towards better, more responsible living.

    So, from now on, forget about 'hand-me-downs', the aim of the game is to pass down treasured pieces to little siblings, friends and cousins- 'pass-me-downs' are here, they are time resistant and they will be sticking around. 

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