Beau Loves without a shadow of a doubt are the creators of some of the edgiest children's clothing worldwide. Founded in 2010 by Faye Wilde and inspired by her baby boy Beau, the brand bring us a quirky collection of gender neutral clothes and accessories that are adventurous, fun and stylish. At Bunny Hop we love a brand that respects the environment and Beau Loves- being carbon neutral- is definitely one of those. Designed, printed and made in London, Beau Loves is definitely a brand we can get behind, with all four paws of support!
beau-loves-baby-slim-pants-with-cuffs-in-vanilla-love-hearts Quick shop
beau-loves-short-sleeve-tee-in-chalk-blue-velolove Quick shop
beau-loves-raglan-jumper-in-vanilla-love-net-aop Quick shop
beau-loves-raglan-jumper-in-chalk-blue-paint-brush-1y Quick shop
beau-loves-oversized-knit-jumper-in-elephant-grey Quick shop
beau-loves-oversized-knit-jumper-in-coral-leaf Quick shop
beau-loves-oversized-cotton-pocket-pants-in-chalk-blue Quick shop
beau-loves-long-sleeve-ecliptic-tee-in-charcoal Quick shop
beau-loves-large-backpack-with-ears-in-gold-leather Quick shop
beau-loves-knit-tights-in-maxi-black-white-stripe Quick shop
beau-loves-knee-high-socks-in-coral-and-masks Quick shop
beau-loves-jersey-maxi-skirt-in-coral-lovehearts Quick shop
beau-loves-inky-black-swimsuit-with-hero-mask-mini-masks Quick shop
beau-loves-drawstring-cotton-pants-in-elephant-grey Quick shop
beau-loves-drawstring-cotton-pants-in-coral-loveheart Quick shop