If you're looking for the funkiest kids in town, you will certainly see GATG among them. Organic clothing with a huge spoonful of bright and zesty fun. 
Kristin Nystorm draws all prints and loves to create characters with a story to tell. Each collection has a theme at its heart- one that both parents and children can identify with. The original art is hand drawn- drawings which in turn are turned into screens and screen printed on organic cotton.


gardner-and-the-gang-dorothy-the-dino-organic-tee-1y Quick shop
gardner-and-the-gang-organic-sweatshirt-with-betty-badger Quick shop
gardner-and-the-gang-fairies-and-unicorns-tee-1y Quick shop
gardner-and-the-gang-flouncy-swimsuit-in-all-over-dorothy-dinos-1y Quick shop
Gardner and the Gang Organic Dress with Golden Dino Back (1Y+) Quick shop
gardner-and-the-gang-organic-helmut-flamingo-bomber-jacket-1y Quick shop
gardner-and-the-gang-organic-cotton-helmut-flamingo-shorts-1y Quick shop
gardner-and-the-gang-organic-skirt-in-all-over-basketball-1y Quick shop
gardner-and-the-gang-organic-sweatshirt-in-dorothy-dino Quick shop
gardner-and-the-gang-organic-baby-romper-in-helmut Quick shop
gardner-and-the-gang-organic-sweatshirt-in-stars-and-unicorns-1y Quick shop
gardner-and-the-gang-organic-vest-top-with-helmut-1y Quick shop
gardner-and-the-gang-pretty-swimsuit-in-all-over-flamingo-1y Quick shop