Merrythought Bears

Merrythought started creating heirloom bears way back in 1930, in a beautiful brick foundry building in Ironbridge, in Shropshire. The very essence of Merrythought is in creating marvellous handmade toys, from hand drawn designs and using only the very finest materials. A testament to the quality of Merrythought are the many photographs of modern day children playing with original toys handed down from their grandparents.
Merrythought use only the finest quality mohair or alpaca plush, these materials are then cut to each soft toy’s unique set of patterns, many of which are based on original templates from the earliest years. Incorporating other natural fabrics, such as wool felt and cotton, the pieces are expertly worked with traditional needle and thread to form each part of the bear.
The eyes, legs, arms and joints are skilfully sewn and assembled by hand, gradually creating the recognisable characteristics of the Merrythought bear. Taking time to fill the toy to an optimum weight, it is then ready for the finishing touches; a carefully hand-embroidered nose and smile, a thorough brush and trim, and a neatly tied ribbon bow.
As a signature of quality, Merrythought's exceptional soft toys are finished with a prestigious stamp of approval – the famous Merrythought gold-and-black label stitched to the right paw. The teddy bear is then ready to start its journey as a lifelong friend, continuing the magical Merrythought story for another generation.