Phil & Phae

The brainchild of Barbara de Jonge and based and designed in the Netherlands, Phil & Phae is everything Bunny Hop looks for in kids' clothing. Soft shades that can be worn again and again and again without becoming dull and boring, classic shapes with a twist (a bit distressed, a surprise button, a little fold over), incredibly comfortable, soft and wearable. 
Most Phil & Phae pieces are made of 100% organic cotton- you will only find extra threads and materials where they are absolutely essential to the shape and function of the item (for example for giving extra stretch on cuffs, or for maintaining the shape of a certain knit) and there will be no hairy surprises- everything is carefully laid out on the tag, and produced in a fair trade, highly ethical environment. 
Bunny Hop's own kids will be sporting Phil & Phae this season, and we hope that you come to love and enjoy this new brand as much as we do!