Born in Bath in 2016, Sleepy Doe creates timeless sleep and loungewear for babies, children and their mummas. All pieces are made from organic or sustainable materials, with soft, subtle details that will make you and your little one feel comfortable, comforted, soft and dreamy. The garments are manufactured using only ethical and sustainable methods, with no harmful dyes or nasty chemicals. From beginning to end- Sleepy Doe is imagined, designed, manufactured wrapped and posted from the UK, supporting local suppliers, factories and retailers. We are so in love.
Sleepy Doe Mumma Jammy Bottoms in Pink Tiny Moons Quick shop
sleepy-doe-white-on-blue-fleck-tiny-moons-jammies Quick shop
sleepy-doe-mumma-jammy-bottoms-in-dancing-florals Quick shop
sleepy-doe-mumma-jammy-bottoms-in-pulteney-stripe Quick shop
Sleepy Doe Organic Bodysuit in Pink Tiny Moons Quick shop
sleepy-doe-baby-bodysuit-in-milk-tiny-moons Quick shop
sleepy-doe-baby-envelope-romper-in-dancing-florals Quick shop
sleepy-doe-bath-baby-romper-in-navy-pulteney-stripe Quick shop
sleepy-doe-fitted-cotcot-bed-sheet-in-dancing-floral Quick shop
sleepy-doe-fitted-cot-cot-bed-sheet-in-tiny-moons Quick shop
sleepy-doe-jammies-in-tiny-moons-print Quick shop
sleepy-doe-organic-pink-with-neon-tiny-moons-jammies Quick shop
sleepy-doe-short-sleeve-long-bottom-tiny-moons-jammies Quick shop
sleepy-doe-short-sleeve-lounge-dress-in-dancing-florals Quick shop