We love Tobias and the Bear for their incredible prints- age appropriate, fun, unisex, versatile and so so wearable. The brainchild of two mums, Tobias is a brand that simply set out to create leggings for little boys instead of trousers for little men. Since its launch, the brand has grown and evolved so much, and they now give us unisex leggings, t-shirts, jumpers and even bedding, all with their signature cracking prints. Tobias and the Bear is 100% designed and made in the UK, and that makes them that little bit more special to us. 
Tobias and the Bear x Mr. Men Atishoo Sweatshirt Quick shop
tobias-and-the-bear-wild-tee-in-grey-marl Quick shop
tobias-and-the-bear-sushi-leggings Quick shop
tobias-and-the-bear-surf-squad-teal-leggings Quick shop
tobias-and-the-bear-surf-squad-long-pocket-romper Quick shop
tobias-and-the-bear-super-pets-lightweight-sweat Quick shop
tobias-and-the-bear-super-lenny-tee Quick shop
tobias-and-the-bear-1 Quick shop
tobias-and-the-bear-star-man-leggings Quick shop
tobias-and-the-bear-stag-leggings Quick shop
tobias-and-the-bear-rocky-co-leggings Quick shop
tobias-and-the-bear-pip-the-bear-sweatshirt Quick shop
tobias-and-the-bear-percy-the-penguin-sweatshirt Quick shop
tobias-and-the-bear-otis-the-octopus-vest Quick shop
tobias-and-the-bear-otis-the-octopus-sweatshirt Quick shop
tobias-and-the-bear-mr-bear-leggings Quick shop
tobias-and-the-bear-monster-squad-leggings Quick shop
tobias-and-the-bear-little-tee-in-grey Quick shop
tobias-and-the-bear-lightweight-little-sweatshirt Quick shop
tobias-and-the-bear-just-call-me-fox-romper-mink Quick shop