Beebombs Pack of Native Wildflower Beebombs

Help to bring back the bees! 
97% of native British wildflower habitats (where bees and butterflies make their homes) have been lost since world war 2, which is a huge blow to biodiversity and our environment. By planting Beebombs you can recreate these lost habitats and help to make our world a greener, buzzier place. 
Each pack of Beebombs contains a handful of local seed balls, made from local clay and sifted compost and PACKED with a range of native wildflower species seeds. 
Beebombs need no gardening skill and can be scattered straight onto open ground at any time of the year. 
Once scattered, you don't need to water or tend your Beebombs. I tend to say 'cleared ground' as wildflowers are hardy and adaptable but slow growers. This means that they can be out-competed by faster growing grasses and perennial weeds at the critical early stages, so straight onto soil is best if possible. 
The soil will help your Beebombs germinate and the clay will protect them as they dissipate. Lots of sun and rain is of course important, as is time. 
Wildflowers are a little slower growers than many imported plants and flowers. Some will flower in the first year but most will not come out until the 2nd year.
Your patience will be rewarded with a beautiful wildflower meadow, attracting a range of native British pollinators and helping us #bringthebeesback