Beeswax Wrap Co. Pack of 5 Wax Wraps | Bees & Buttercups

Say GOODBYE to cling film and tin foil, and hello to Beeswax Wraps- a new eco alternative to non recyclable single use covers.
Beeswax wraps are made by hand in the sunny Cotswolds which already makes us really happy. They're made from organic GOTS certified cotton (printed with toxin free dyes) which then gets coated in locally sourced British beeswax, organic jojoba oil and pine resin.
Use these wax wraps for everything and anything- covering up open pots of yogurt, half used jars, chopped fruit, keeping bread fresh, making small snack boxes... the options and uses are endless. When you're done, just clean by hand washing in cold water with a mild dishwashing soap and a sponge or brush. Hang to dry and store folded in a drawer or rolled in a jar until next time.
These can also be re-waxed, which will make them last longer than a year. 
Do not use with raw fish or meat, and avoid all contact with heat including microwaves and ovens.

This Bees & Buttercups collection features two new Emma Bridgewater hand-drawn illustrations that perfectly capture their well-known style; a colourful polka dot print with bees, and beautiful buttercup print.
One large wrap 40cm by 40cm
Two medium wraps 30cm by 30cm
Two small wraps 20cm by 20cm