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Disana Organic Boiled Merino Wool Mittens on a String | Antrachite

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Disana's organic boiled merino wool outerwear has reached something akin to cult status over the years, and we can tell you why.
These disana boiled wool mittens are an absolute must whenever you enjoy a walk, a sleigh ride or a snowball fight. The unique features of natural wool mean your child’s hands stay warm and dry. The high lanoline content in our wool envelops every single fibre, making them water-resistant. Our boiled wool gloves, too, come with a band to keep everything in its proper place.

Do not be deterred by these mittens being made out of wool! A common misconception is that wool and children are not compatible, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Pure wool, especially when it is boiled, is an exceptionally resilient material and also has natural stain deterring properties. If your small was to get some mud or chocolate on these mittens, you could easily wipe the stains off with a wet cloth. Take our word for it- you will be astounded at how easily mess rolls off pure wool. This item will only require a full wash in very rare circumstances as most of the time a spot clean and airing is sufficient. The manufacturer recommends a lukewarm hand wash, but if you trust your washing machine- a cold wool cycle with special wool shampoo will do the trick!

Finally, the eco and sustainability credentials of the brand. Disana only use the finest, 100% pure new merino wool, certified organic. Merino wool is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, absorbs its own body weight in liquid before it feels damp, rarely requires a clean, is temperature regulating and is not itchy. The specific wool used in these garments is sourced from sheep in Patagonia, at the very southern part of South America, supporting local farmers. Made in Germany.


PLEASE NOTE: Size 1 is fingerless, size 2 has thumbs.

Size 1: 8cm not including wrist band

Size 2: 10cm not including wrist band