Hvid Titi Dummy Holder in Sand Merino Wool

The Titi dummy holder is the perfect piece of comfort for your little one. Made of the finest merino wool, this comforter has a lovely thickness and texture which makes it perfect for little hands to hold and to squish. 
Machine washable so no worries about little snots and slobbers. Merino wool is also naturally anti bacterial so you need not worry about the comforter's hygiene. This type of wool also gently absorbs your little one's scent so it will quickly become loved and familiar. 



Merino wool is hypo allergenic and has many amazing properties- it is not itchy, it is kind to young and sensitive skin (it's amazing for eczema sufferers). It is thermo regulating meaning it is warm in the winter and cool in the summer- it will never be sweaty. It gently absorbs your baby's scent so it quickly becomes familiar and comforting. 
Made in Belgium

Handwash or wash on COLD wool program, low speed
Please note that it is not necessary to wash merino wool often as the fibre is self cleaning. Airing outside is usually sufficient!

measurements: 70x95
material: 100% merinowool