Kitpas Dustless Chalk Basic Colours

  • These unique dustless chalks are made from a mix of calcium carbonate and recycled scallop seashells, making them completely natural and toxin free.

  • The composition of these chalks means that they have a smooth, dust free feel and are so much more enjoyable to draw with than regular chalk.
  • Each pack contains 6 chalks- Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, Violet, White
  • Non-toxic. Child safe. 

The story behind the Kitpas chalk is after our own heart. Kitpas have been making chalks since 1937. In the 1960s they opened a factory in the Japanese town of Bibai-ishi, Hokkaido. Bibai-shi, which translates to, “beautiful shell city,” actually had massive waste piles of scallop shells that were causing serious environmental issues. It seemed only natural to reduce, reuse and recycle this material. With the help of local government, Kitpas developed a patented process to recycle these shell byproducts. The use of powdered shells had the additional benefit of making Kitpas Chalks stronger, smoother, and longer lasting! It’s no surprise that more than 60% of the chalks currently used by schools in Japan are Kitpas Chalks.

We are always looking for environmentally and socially responsible brands to stock in our shop, and Kitpas is just that. In the 1960's, Kitpas employed their first employee with intellectual disabilities. Today, 70% of the company employees are people with disabilities, proving just how far a person and a company can come when specific talents and skills are nurtured.