Plan Toys Wooden Detective Set


This wooden detective set from Plan Toys is everything a little budding sleuth would want! The set takes your little one on a mission to find a missing cat from the 'Plan Toys News' and includes a red lense to track down cat paw prints, a real periscope, a mini camera, a wooden walkie-talkie and even a pair of spectacles to get them into character. Tuck everything into your detective brief case and go!

Plan Toys are a shining example of a socially and environmentally responsible company, producing all its toys from toxin free and sustainable materials, carrying out extensive community work and annually offsetting its carbon footprint. If you'd like to find out more about this amazing brand, please do ask us!
Each Plan Toy is made from natural rubber wood trees which no longer produce latex. No fertiliser is added to the soil in the three years prior to harvesting to ensure that all woods are toxin free by the time they reach little hands. 
-Toxin and formaldehyde free glue
-Lead free colours
-Organic colour pigments, water based dyes, soy based inks, recycled paper.
-Chemical free kiln drying process.
In 2017, Plan Toys planted 3900 trees to (above and beyond) replace and offset the woods they used in their production process.