Poppik Discovery Sticker Poster: Dinosaurs | Poster + 32 Stickers


Contains : 1 poster (1 m x 68 cm) + 32 stickers

Easy peel, repositionable stickers
All ages from 5 years old
Design : Atelier Cartographik

A brilliant educational poster of dinosaurs. Each poster comes with 32 large, pre numbered, quality stickers which are easy to peel and reposition (so no worries about wasted stickers).

A beautiful poster for children, to learn while having fun. Unfold the large poster and glue the dinosaurs of all kinds : T-rex, Pantydraco, Scelidosaurus…. A numbered code makes it easy to recognize the correct location of each animal. All animals are named and classified according to the period in which they lived: Triassic, Cretaceous or Jurassic.
An easy and very fun activity!

When the activity is complete the poster can be used as a cool piece of wall art.